Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Summer time blues

I tried Bill Guffey's paintout in Hong Kong. After a few attempts to find a spot I settled on this view of  an area that seems to be full of apartment buildings. I tried to find some place like a harbor or park but found only views of parking lots and construction sites. I'm not sure if I will post my work on his blog, I highly recommend stopping by his blog and check out some exceptional pieces of art.

I have been on a tear cleaning my house and purging the clutter. Eva has been in summer school, we are happy this is the last week. My husband's job has had us on a roller coaster for the last year. Thankfully some very good and interesting changes are occurring.
I'm trying to chalk up my lack of creating art, starting an Etsy store and all my other unfulfilled goals to the summer time blues. There seems to be so much that needs to get done every day. I"ll spare you the cooking and laundry know those things are never ending. The weather is hot, humid and often stormy. I feel like we spend to much time indoors. I guess it is what it is and as they say,"there ain't no cure for the summer time blues."


  1. That's a great painting! Kids sure like to torture us with the drama don't they? I'm sure no one has been tasered LOL.

  2. I do hope your beloved doggy is doing OK. You had me worried after your last comment. Do enjoy this beautiful non-muggy weekend! xoxo jc

  3. I guess it gets on top of us a little at the hight of summer, I think you should post your pic - it will fit in well with the others. Intriguing idea!