Saturday, July 3, 2010

Happy 4th of July

It's the holiday weekend. Our only plans are to drop in on an informal high school reunion. Getting people together is hard. So our reunion turned into a picnic and a more formal reunion  is planned for November during  Thanksgiving vacation. My three hundred or so classmates are scattered across our great country.

Eva and I did take a stab at dyeing some fabric. Of course I could not find the Rit dye tip booklet I had been reading. So, we winged it. The powdered dyes I had were left over from a project we did two years ago. Since I wasn't sure if they were still good I used hot water, lots of dye and vinegar. The results were shocking at first but, I love the vivid colors. I didn't measure anything so not sure if I can reproduce the results.

I have been wanting to start an Etsy shop just not sure which of my creative activities I want to focus on. I love to hand sew and thought giving baby items a little flair might sell well. I had such a good time with the prom dresses, see June 11 post.

Eva dyed a few pieces of PFD fabric. We put the dye in squirt bottles.

I have been taking Kelly Rae Roberts Flying Lesson's eclass. Her time management tips made me laugh. Her tips are good, I just have zero organization skills. My plan for the next two weeks are making decorations for a store window and getting a few of my half finished art projects done. Then I volunteered to help make decorations for a wedding and take my friends daughter's senior high school pictures. Somehow I have to learn on or some place how to take portraits!
We won't even get into the loom and pile of leather waiting for me to start that project. Weaving leather, what was I thinking?

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