Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Beach Window

Today I decorated Jessica Mae's Salon windows. We are going with a beach theme. I try to use materials I have on hand. This week I used a lot of card board, tissue paper, fabric and bubble wrap. One window has a tidal pool and sail boat. The side of the sail boat facing the street is white with the word SALE written in red.  It shows up well in the tinted window.

For the inside of the window I made the boat cheerful. I think the windows have more impact on the inside of the shop. The second window is a bit more subdued. Jessica will pace hair products and books showcasing hair styles.

The advertising class I took in college is paying off. I learned cute tricks like sail boat and sale. So as a science major I can now justify that class. Still can't explain the Asian film class. I was going through a Chinese art house film happens.


  1. Love the beach theme. The boat is spectacular!
    You don't need to justify any classes; even if they seem strange, they all add to your knowledge and esthetic. When I was in college, a wise person told me not to just read the books on the reading list but to read around the subject. It was very good advice.

  2. I just love how resourceful you are with found materials! Very inspiring!
    I may have to emulate your 'blog-hopping' section. It's exactly what I do, and I like that you shared that with your readers.