Thursday, June 17, 2010

This day is done!

Today I decorated a store window with a 4TH of July theme. It doesn't look to bad put together but the individual parts don't thrill me. I used recycled silver gift wrap paper for leaves on a branch.  Then I made red tissue paper flowers and hung post cards from Washington D.C. on it. At times I thought it was genius...then I would flux into the "it's crap" camp. Not sure which it is but it sure shines in the window!

As if the tree wasn't enough to cause me major anxiety, I had attempted to make fun colorful fireworks rockets.  They were a mess. My husband stayed up very late last night making two rockets for me. He made them out of PVC pipe and other odds and ends. It was cool and wet here this morning. The rockets needed a paint job. Needless to say my noon deadline was not met. The paint was tacky. So I fixed most of the window and added the rockets later in the day.  They actually look much better than the picture suggests. I blame my husband for the bad picture, he didn't like my photo shoot choice and in my weary state I let him have is way....seems to me that's how child number three came about.

Praise the Lord this day is ending!
I may post a photo of the window later. Its very hard to get a good picture. There is no back to the windows, they open into the store. Also the windows are tinted, making a shot from the outside hard.

Tomorrow will be a better day. I'm visiting my neighbor who is a stained glass artist. Plus her veg garden and yard are stuff from fairy tales. I hope she lets me take lots of pictures. You will be amazed by her!
Here's  to better days, Cheers!

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  1. I like the potted tree, and the rockets look fun too. I hope you feel better today :-)