Monday, June 28, 2010


My sister just fulfilled her life long dream of owning a horse. She has had General T Walker ( you guessed it, a Tennessee Walker) for a little over a week. There was a bit of drama the first week but my sister is bursting with joy. She radiates happiness  even though she is exhausted from preparing for the horses arrival while wrangling two small children. I on the other hand saw work with a capital W while eyeing up the dream horse. Living in a small house that contains two parent (that would be me & my husband) two children, two dogs, two cats and two turtles --a line up for the Ark??  .......Back to what I was saying, for me the horse was nice to look at but its not something I want in my life-- again they are work. I have enough going on in my life.

But what did excite me was the barn. This barn is very old and was falling down a few years ago. It borders my sisters property and the owner has been restoring it over the last few years. The barn was full of light and shadows. It contains textures from a mix of building materials. It was a lovely thing to explore.

The silo has not been used for years. It reminds me of a discarded insect shell. It was worn, dull in color but still has a distinct presence beside the barn. I loved the different texture and how the light fell on the silo.

The inside of the barn is a festival of lines. I am drawn to  lines, even though I can't draw a straight one!
Again, the inside of the barn was full of textures. Rough timber beams with tin roofing set behind them.

The composition of lines inside the barn had me wondering how to translate it into an art piece.

My sister with General T. Walker

Eva with Delmey an Arabian who shares the barn with the General.

As I was shooting this picture I thought, " Is this the famous "Greener Pasture" everyone is always chasing?" Well, for my sister is doesn't get any "greener".

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  1. when i was a kid, my sister had a horse. i thought that was so cool. but going to the stables with her was so hot i just couldn't bare it!

    i love that barn too!