Friday, June 11, 2010

Just Dance

Today I was given a large bag of "trash". Inside the bag was wrapping paper and tissue paper from a bridal shower. You might think it not worth keeping...but think again!

In April I took two bags of "trash" home from a baby shower and here is what I did with it. I took two very plain dresses that were given to me and turned them into rocking Prom dresses with tissue paper from the baby shower and metalic inks.

This decoration was also made from the same tissue paper and in the Prom window. After the Prom I took it apart and used it in this work. It's not finished. I love the water color look and would hate to over work the piece, maybe there is something in the new bag just right to finish it off.

On person's trash is my treasure. lucky me!  And it's the last day of school.
So turn the music up.
" Ga Ga in the room, star struck,...Cherry, cherry,...boom, boom."
( Love Lady Ga GA)


  1. Love the image with the houses, trees, and little church! Nice work on the dresses, too!

  2. good to see your pretty dresses again & I love the red piece! Looking forward to seeing what you do for the competition (no pressure!)

  3. The prom dresses are fantastic!! I am going to show these to my Textiles sutdents.

  4. My gosh, Jill! The dresses are magical. Great work!