Tuesday, June 15, 2010


 It seems to always be raining in western PA these days. Everyone in the library today was sluggish. The librarian declared us all waterlogged. During a break in the rain I picked wild flowers. The bugs are mostly having their way with all plants so, finding in tact flowers was a challenge. We are over run with bugs this year. I did find enough flowers to fill an empty tomato sauce can. I like to use food cans as vases. Picking wild flowers and placing them in a can makes  a nice hostess gift for summer picnic.

As I complain about the wet humid weather I think back to Art in Bloom at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History in Pittsburgh. Last April the museum hosted Chris Giftos.  Mr. Giftos was the event planner for the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC for 30 years. He also worked at the White House for special event and had clients on Madison Ave. For two hours he arranged flowers, answered questions and told countless stories about powerful people and crazy parties.  It was great fun. Several local garden clubs decorated the museum for the event. Here are a few of my favorite pictures from that day.

Chris Giftos

My mom winning one of the arrangement in a raffle.

My mom and I so enjoyed that day.

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