Monday, January 2, 2017

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!
My daughter Eva and I are walking 2017 miles this year.
On New Year's day we joined a little over a hundred people for the
First Day Hike at Moraine State Park.
We hiked seven miles that day and five more on January 2nd.
Last spring I stopped posting due to many reasons. Life was happening and I was adjusting.
My dog Chow Wow became ill and pasted away.
She was a one in a million dog and I miss her deeply.
I was also plagued with computer viruses and other glitches. 
Then a co-working went into  labor a month early, all turned out well but I had to scrambled a bit.
My middle daughter got married and moved to another state.
I inherited her two chickens.
Next I started reading books on long distance running.
I'm not a runner but I was motivated to start walking every day.
My dog Zeus and I walked 2 to 4 miles a day this summer and into the fall.
I have made some art over the last few months and taken a few photos but those endeavors were half hearted. I've been thinking lately that if I start blogging again it will kick start my creative life.
My next thought is always, do I want to?
I've enjoyed not having a computer and staying off line.
Being in nature has been so good for my soul.
The last few years on New Year's day I have declared a theme that would direct my path. Last year was about being here, present in the moment. I even had a second blog until my laptop crashed.
This year I've decided to go with The Art of Living.
I have no idea where this is going. I want to get back into my studio, pick up my Canon and ?
Well, live a life that interests me. Right now I'm reading a book about urban homesteading. I live in the country and have a little over an acer of clear land to do...what? I'm sure I'll come up with something. I have chickens and two raised garden beds. Can't leave out composting, one large pile on the ground and one barrel for  kitchen scraps.
No more worrying about what's happening in Washington.
No more watching new reports, reading online news or the nasty comments that follow.
Instead I plan on focusing on my community and neighbors.
Here, where I live, is my world and I plan on making it a better place.
This year I will make Living a good life an art form.

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